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Name: Arachnid

Description: Imagine the visage of the dreaded “Man Scorpion”, but twisted beyond further believe. With the upper body of what appears to once by a Grenadier, and the lower half of a Scorpion.

The Upper half appears to have no face, just a gate wide open jaw that glows a bright green. Various scars, scratches and burn marks decorate it’s chest and stomach. It’s arms having been replaced with two scorpion pincers.
The lower half indeed resembling a Scorpion, complete with a stinger tail, “sacks” of Imulsion around it’s body and all the burn marks and scars to boot.

Weapons: Pincers, Stinger Tail, Sheer size

Bio: One of the newer mutations amongst the Lambent Army, only arising after the flooding of the Hollow. The Arachnid (real name unknown, dubbed by the COG) is a terrifying, but thankfully rare beast.

The Arachnid seems to serve a highly unique purpose, in that it acts as a guardian for “Bomb Burst” sites. These oversized abominations patrol the surrounding area of a site and ensure that no intruders attempt to destroy the Bomb Bursts.

Though it does not sport any salvaged Locust Beast Weaponry, and it does not appear to use any Lambent based projectiles, it is still imposing. Arachnids use their giant pincers and stinger tail to tear apart anything foolish enough to stand in it’s path. It’s not uncommon to see the classic scenario of the Arachnid using it’s stinger tail to pick up an enemy, then tear it asunder with it’s pincers.

Size wise, it’s difficult to put down. Fear factors may say that it’s Brumak sized, but of course that’s just the scares talking. Realistically, these beasts have been estimated as just a little bit shorter than the Locust Reaver.

Other Notes: It seems odd that such a beast would be used purely to guard AA sites, but there are many who believe that Arachnids serve more than just this. Many believe they act as guards for the Lambent’s mysterious “Chapel of Black Granite” as well…
GOW - Original Creatures - Arachnid
The Arachnid - The Lambent's abominable take on the Man Scorpion.

Mostly, I was inspired by the Arachnids from Serious Sam 3, those guys were hardcore. xD
Been a bit quiet recently, but that's mostly because of work kicking my behind.

Yeah, right now we have some really BUSY work scheduled for us and it'll be coming in throughout the next couple of months. It's not difficult work or anything, but it's not exactly exciting work either, and when the work isn't exciting, you kind of feel like you're not getting anywhere with it! Well, maybe it's just this branch of work, I've done slow work before and felt I got somewhere with it. :shrug: meh.

You ever have that? When something isn't as fore filling, it feels as though it goes slower? Maybe it's just a work thing? (Not to say I don't love my job, I DO! :lol:)

Also, my Birthday did go swimmingly, things were great! Wearing my new "BEAST MODE" Alien Queen T-Shirt today and rocking Zombie Army Trilogy, Trials, and reading More than Meets the Eye. Plus I totally have :iconladarka117:'s sketch to look forward to. :heart: :hug:


Speaking of which, had an idea for a "Silly" that involved Lacouna (maybe Akolt too) and... torn between either featuring UV (In which she plays a cruel prank) or the Return of Chibi Demon King (In which he messes around. xD) - Kind of opting for the Demon King version, TBH. - Maybe, maybe not.


- FNAF OC, will probably do that tomorrow

- Krall and Echarta - Too damn long since we saw them!

- Hakar's back... and he's putting the frighteners on some... :evillaugh:


Let me know of, well, anything! :)

(P.S - Totally bought a new gaming Chair, expecting it to arrive next Saturday!)
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Just a strange, but very nice chap! My hobbies are computing, gaming, model collecting, nature and comics!

Yah yah!

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