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“Break it up!”

A Mila, Trixie and Chex Short


Mila was not having the best of times right now.

The EX-COG soldier, huffed and sighed as she was fixing up some weaponry. Lancers, Hammerbursts, Longshots and all sorts. She was checking that they were all cleaned, all in working order, had ammo and, obviously, could be used.

It wasn’t so much the job that was getting her down… rather, it was who she was doing it for that bothered her.

Mila took a quick pause to stretch. She stood up and readjusted her long, brown hair, occasionally knocking her blue eyed goggles that sometimes sat on her head. A remnant of her COG days. Once stretched, she paced the floor a bit wake her legs up a bit.

She was clad in the clothing she wore when she was a Gear. Dark Green trousers with worn out, chrome coloured boots that sported blue stripes on the front. She had a brown belt round her waist and her top was a lighter shade of green that was cut off halfway, showing her midriff.

Normally, Mila opted to wear a grey top that covered her completely and grey, less military like boots. Alas, those were being washed, so Mila had to make due with her old COG clothing.

“Of all the people to assign me a job…” Mila huffed to herself. “What am I, some sort of lackey?”

Just then, Mila noticed two of her “companions” walking by. A Sniper Drone named Ortrich and a Beast Rider named Viscrea. Both of them were soldiers that served under the command of her newfound friend… and lover, Centron, the Crimson Kantus. They usually stuck by his side, but when Centron wasn’t around, they often wandered around looking for mischief.

“Hey, you two!” Mila called.

Ortrich and Viscrea stopped in their tracks and came over to Mila. Ortrich couldn’t help but to grin.

“Bored are you?” he laughed.

“Not now Ortrich.” Mila huffed. “Do you two want to make yourselves useful and help me out here?”

The two Locust looked at each other for a second.

“Well, we wish we could but… she did ask you to do it, not us…” Ortrich said in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

“Didn’t you do this back in your COG days?” Viscrea asked.

“I did, but not in this manner!” Mila protested. “Here though, it isn’t right! She didn’t make me do this because she cares about any of us, no, she makes me do this job because she looks down at me!”

“It could be worse Mila.” Ortrich noted. “This isn’t the most… what’s the word…?”

“Mind Numbing? Humiliating?” Viscrea suggested.

“Let’s go with Humiliating.” Ortrich chuckled. “Not the most humiliating thing she had forced you to do. Remember when she sent you on that pointless scavenger hunt for nothing?”

“Just to see how an ex-brat would do…” Mila huffed. “I suppose there is that, but still, it just feels like she makes me do this small, minute tasks just to put me down!”

Just then, a hand landed on Mila’s shoulder, making her jump ever so slightly. She looked at her right shoulder and saw a hand wearing a fingerless glove sitting upon it.

“Oh no…” Mila shuddered to herself.

She turned right around and was greeted by the sight of the one person in the world she didn’t want to see…

… Trixie Brown.

The Master Thief, The Shadow in the Night, Little Miss Clepto. A Stranded Thief who made her name by being able to steal almost everything and anything, whether it be simple supplies or forbidden documents from a Rogue Cyron cell. Trixie could do it all.

She often changed her tactics. Sometimes, she’d go for the classic steal during the night, other times she planned clever raids. On special occasions, she’d seduce a poor sucker with her good looks, then rob him blind and leave him confused in some back alley. 9/10 chance he’d have a knife wound somewhere.

She had the style for it! Trixie was a tall women, looking down at Mila with a confident grin a unique makeup pattern around her eyes. She sported long, bushy brown hair that was tied at the back, but still flowed down, and a portion of it also went along her front.

Trixie wore a beat up, white coloured top with a hand me down strap that covered up, but at the same time, showed off her generously sized breasts. She sported two shoulder pads, one with a flaming, bleeding skull and the other with the words “TR”. She also had arm guards, knee pads and a beige coloured little skirt and black boots.

Quite the get up.

Mila could only dread to think what insults she was about to get hit with.

“Hey girlie, did I say you could take five?” Trixie sarcastically said.

“A minute Trixie, a lousy minute, that’s all I wanted.” Mila protested.

“Looks as though it took you more than a minute, considering you are having a nice chat with the grubs over there.” Trixie laughed.

Mila looked back and saw that Ortrich was tempted to speak up, but for some reason, opted not to. Viscrea, meanwhile, seemed to have an odd, dazed grin on his face.

“COG girl, I asked you to get those weapons sorted. My followers need to defend themselves from what ever the hell is out there… and just in case your grub buddies turn on us.” The last part of that Trixie said with the smuggest of smiles.

“Her followers” Mila thought, she’d seen them around. Mostly rabble Stranded gangs, but there were also a few “professional” looking guys around as well. Clad in beat up military police gear with balaclavas or shattered Gear helmets. Probably mercenaries. Trixie must have offered them a share of her takings if they worked for her.

“I’ve been doing all your stupid tasks for the past few days now!” Mila barked. “What more do I have to do to prove to you that I’m ‘worthy’ of being here?”

“A lot more, COG Brat.” Trixie said, tapping Mila’s head. “You say you’re a Gear, but you seem more like a little kid to me!”
Mila was about to protest, but Trixie mockingly put one finger on her mouth.

“You’re the one that said that your grub buddies are okay and that you ain’t a COG? You’re the one that is going to prove it!” Trixie chuckled.

Trixie turned around and began to walk away, she casually waved at Mila.

“I have a few more tests for you after you are done there!”

Mila felt the urge to punch the very next thing that she came across, but getting riled up wasn’t going to help. She took a deep, DEEP breath and got back to work. Meanwhile, Ortrich was trying to snap Viscrea out of his daze.

Trixie looked back at Mila, and turned to a follower of hers.

“Let’s see how she does at repairing those old junk heaps.” She said. “The mechanics could do with a break.”

Trixie interrupted her thoughts with a laugh.

“Look at how worked up she is.”

“Why do you get her worked up, anyway?” The follower asked.

“Honestly?” Trixie replied. “The way she gets all angry is amusing. If she just took it, I’d probably go for the cold shoulder treatment.”


Fortunately for Mila, before she was given her next gruelling task from “her highness”, she had managed to sneak away and pay a visit to someone. Mila approached a tent and carefully opened it’s front up to step inside.

In the tent was the young Ara, former member of the Lost and now one with the Soul Killers. Her unique blue and gold coloured armour stood out quite a bit for Mila. What stood out more, was the young little child in her lap. He was her nephew… Chex, Mila believed he was called.

Ara was entertaining Chex with a small little bouncy ball, waving it in front of him for a bit, then letting him hold onto it while he sat in her lap. Chex giggled as he played with the ball, while Ara looked up and saw Mila.
“I’m sorry about all this.” Mila said. “This isn’t the most ideal place for you and your little one.”

Recently, Centron had found some old artefacts nearby, and wished for Nokada, Ithak and Ara (the three members of the Lost he was most familiar with) to take a look. The artefacts were believed to be related to the old testament, before Myrrah’s reign. At the moment, Nokada and Ithak had gone with Centron to further investigate where Centron had found them, while Ara was to stay.

“Thank you Mila, but I think we are okay.” Ara smiled. “No one had bothered us, not even the camp’s leader. When I saw her, I feared she may approach me.”

“You got lucky.” Mila huffed under her breath. Ara caught wind of Mila’s frustration.

“Forgive me, the ‘camp leader’ as you say is giving me a bit of a hard time right now.” She sighed.

“Are you on bad terms?” Ara asked.

“No, she just enjoys annoying me.” Mila replied.

Mila looked down at Chex, watching the little Kantus play with a happy smile. For a moment, Mila’s anger went away. Perhaps it was just watching the little one play so innocently that made her forget about her frustrations, or perhaps she was humoured by the thought of Centron looking like that at one point.

Mila smiled and patted Chex on the head, making the little one coo. He had gotten used to Mila so wasn’t so afraid.

“At least you are doing okay!” Mila joked. “Maybe you can help me forget about all this!”

Ara laughed as Mila petted Chex again.

“I better go, no doubt I’ve got more ‘tests’ waiting for me…”


It had been quite the day, Mila was tired and frustration was still ringing in her ears, but at least it was all over. She stretched as she went back to her tent, ready to bed down and relax for a little while. A little time to herself would help her get over today.

However, when Mila stepped into her tent, she saw a little note posted on her table, where she would draw. Curious, Mila approached the table and saw that it was a note. It read:




Mila scrunched up the note and stormed outside her tent to go and confront Trixie about it.


Meanwhile, Ara was having a nap while Chex was playing with his toy ball. He waved around a bit carelessly and tittered happily. However, in his boisterous play, he accidentally threw the ball and made it roll right outside the tent.

Not wanting to lose a toy, Chex climbed down from Ara and began to chase the toy. Crawling out of the tent, he arrived outside. Fortunately, there wasn’t that many people around. Just as Chex spotted the toy, Mila came storming by and unknowingly kicked it. Funnily enough, the ball rolled just to where Mila was heading… Trixie’s hangout.

Chex began to chase after the ball, heading after Mila.


Trixie was chilling out on a sofa, casually taking a break from running the camp. She had a small bag of rich cookies that she was going to enjoy later. Often, after a day of maintaining the camp or after a successful theft, Trixie would retreat to her hangout and chill out for a bit. No one would bother her, unless it was vital.

Now, however, she got bothered in the form of a rather angry Mila.

Mila stormed through the front of Trixie’s tent and stood, glaring daggers at the master thief.

“Huh? What do you want?” Trixie asked.

Mila threw Trixie the scrunched up note.

“Seriously?” Mila growled.

“What? The Mechanics noticed some faults after you were done. What good are you if you make mistakes like that?” Trixie noted. “By the way, thanks for not damaging my front tent. I thought you’d get your Kantus friend to tear it in half.”

Mila tapped her boot in frustration, took a deep breath, then articulated a response. She knew she’d get nowhere if she just ranted and raved.

“Look Master Thief, I understand we’ve got to prove to you we won’t cause trouble in your settlement, but haven’t I proven ourselves? Hell, I must have proven myself dozens of times over!”

“You’ll have proven yourself when I say you have, girlie!” Trixie laughed. “I’m not convinced, I think I can see you’re very… shaken, out here.”

Mila raised an eyebrow, while Trixie seemed to draw herself closer.

“Well, I’ll have you know that I was considered to be the best shooter in my squad. I’d wager that I am the best shooter here!” Mila started.

Trixie just chortled, she wasn’t convinced.

“I’ve fended for myself for a long time now! I know how to survive out here!” Mila continued.

“Sure you can…” Trixie mocked. Mila was about to rile up, but stopped herself while Trixie smugly smiled.

“You make this too easy…” she sighed.

Mila, however, managed to raise a menacing grin of her own.

“… In fact, I’d say I could survive out here better than you!” Mila boasted.

Trixie stood wide eyed for a second, then just burst out laughing.

“HA! You?! Yeah right!” She guffawed. “You’re putting on a brave face, I’ll give you that, but I can still see the softy underneath!”

“Yeah?” Mila huffed, arms folded. “Your so called thieving skills helping out?”

“Hey, it’s not my fault they make stuff so easy to steal girl.” Trixie said. “The amount I’ve been able to take from poorly guarded places or charmed idiots makes whatever you’ve done child’s play! Why, half the stuff  I could steal hogtied and blindfolded!”

“Heh, I bet you like it that way, don’t you…” Mila mocked.

Unknown to the two at the time was that Chex had also entered Trixie’s hideout and was crawling along the floor, searching for his boots. The little tike had got caught between Mila and Trixie, and was stopped when confronted with Trixie’s boots.

He wondered if these two could help him search for his toy.

Chex yapped, causing Mila and Trixie to stop arguing and look down at the small Kantus infant. Chex looked at both of them with wide eyes and a happy smile. Maybe they were going to help him.

Mila looked at Chex with a surprised look, while Trixie gave him a confused, yet indifferent stare. Mila promptly picked young Chex up and held him with both hands.

“How did you get here?” Mila asked.

Mila was about to do something with Chex, probably take Chex back to Ara, but the master thief stopped her.

“Hey, COG Brat!” She said. “Subject hasn’t changed!”

Mila looked at Trixie, turning her attention away from Chex. The little infant tried to get Mila to turn back to him, but she was focused.

“You’re brave face is starting to go away there…” Trixie added.

“Excuse me?” Mila huffed.

Meanwhile, Chex was still trying to get Mila to pay attention to him. He yapped, but nothing. So he began to fidget and move his hands about…

… but he stopped himself, as he felt one of his hands land on something soft.

Chex cooed as he turned, to see that one of his hands had landed on Mila’s bare tummy. Curious, he moved his hand away, then placed it on Mila’s tummy again. He smiled happily and cooed. Mila’s tummy seemed soft and cuddly.

“Now look here!” Mila began to protest, not paying attention to Chex. She was beginning her argument.

Chex, meanwhile, giggled and began to stroke Mila’s tummy.

*Stroke, Stroke*

Mila stopped herself as she felt that. Her eyes widened and a surprise look appeared on her face. Confused, she looked down to see Chex. The little one looked up at her with an innocent smile.

“Ah!” Chex giggled, as he stroked Mila’s tummy again.

*Stroke, Stroke*

At that minute, Mila completely forgot what she was angry about. She forgot that she was standing here having an argument with Trixie, master thief of the stranded. Instead, she found herself charmed by the playful, innocent antics of Chex.

“Aww, how cute!” Mila beamed, a bright smile on her face and she gently rocked Chex, making the little one laugh in delight.

Someone had helped Mila forget about the problems!

Trixie, meanwhile, looked at Mila with an utterly baffled look on her face. In a way, she almost couldn’t believe what she was seeing. One minute, the brat and her were arguing, then, out of nowhere, she was all cutesy over the grub baby.

Trixie just rolled her eyes and turned her head away, almost unable to look at the sight.

She sighed. “Just as I thought…”

What Trixie didn’t see, however, was that Chex had turned his head away from Mila and was now looking at Trixie’s bare tummy. Chex put his hand on Trixie’s tummy and cooed. It was soft and cuddly as well… in fact, Trixie’s tummy was softer and cuddlier!

“Real Softy on our hands here.” Trixie said.

Just then, Chex began to stroke Trixie’s tummy.

*Stroke, Stroke*

Trixie gawked in surprise and almost jumped up. She immediately turned around to see Chex was giving her tummy a stroke.

“Ah!” Chex smiled.

Chex gave Trixie’s tummy another stroke, and also a cuddle!

*Stroke, Stroke*

Now, nobody was sure how or why it happened, perhaps it was the mood or perhaps Chex just had something about him, but Trixie, the snake tongued, swift and cunning master thief of the stranded, suddenly burst into a blushing, swooning, charmed gal.

She too, could not resist an “awww!” as she blushed and giggled. She joined Mila in being charmed, and seemed too happy to notice the world around her.

Though Chex was happy that he was making the two of them smile and stop arguing, he realised that they weren’t going to help him find his ball. However, he found a compromise…

… the bag of cookies behind them.

Chex managed to scale his way down to the floor and began to crawl towards the cookies. Using a stool to hoist himself up, he grabbed the cookies and began to crawl away.

On the way out, he spotted his ball too! He scooped that up and headed outside.

Once he was outside, he began to happily nibble away at the cookies. With so little teeth, he was going to have a long time eating!

However, he was swiftly picked up by Ara.

“There you are!” Ara sighed. “You shouldn’t wander off like that!”

Chex just gave Ara a bright and happy smile, and Ara was quick to forgive her nephew for his wandering off.

“Hmmm? Chex? Where did you get those?” Ara asked, noticing the cookies.

At that very moment, back at Trixie’s hangout, voices where heard.

“What the-?! Who took those cookies?!” Trixie shouted.

“So… the master thief, better at surviving than me, can’t stop getting her cookies stolen?” replied the sarcastic, and satisfied, voice of Mila!
GOW - Break it up! (Silly Short)

This is something of a gift piece for my pal :iconkonan-akatsuki-xxx:, I wanted to do another piece based on our running gag between Mila, Trixie and Chex. ;) - At first, I had two thoughts, one staring Mila and one Staring Trixie. Then eventually, I came up with the idea to write a story that had all three of them in it together! xD

I based Mila on her older design, with the green top. Odd bit of headcanon, but I imagine that Mila starts with the green, low cut top, then later chooses the grey top we see her with in Konan's more recent depictions of her. :nod:

Think of it as a written version of "Who's the better thief" - :giggle: - Also, spot the references to her "Certain tastes" piece if you can! xD

I do hope you like it, bud! :D
Hey all!

This is just a quick update, not much to say, as it has been rather quiet recently, but I guess I do have one or two things to recap!

Xbox One

To Celebrate one year of holding down a job, I bought myself a little present in the form of an Xbox One! It was the most basic model, and it does not come with Kinect (I have no use for it!) and I got Minecraft for free with it, and just recently, purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order. Granted, I had it on the 360, but I wish to see what the X1 version looks like!

However, this does not mean I will abandon my 360! Not at all! I will still be playing on it. For example, I will be getting Gat Outta Hell for 360, since that's where my character is and I'd rather not have to build a new guy! I want my guy confound it! Also, I've got work to do on Gears 3, and if the worrying rumours are true, that the 1337 mcMLG guys get their wish and bots are removed entirely, I will need Gears 2, 3 and to a lesser extent, Judgement to fall back on!


Not much is going on in the way of writing, as the motivation has been rather dry. :blushing: - Though I have had time to think about things that I could do.

I did have one or two ideas for "Mila, Trixie and Chex" stories, continuing the running gag between me and my pal :iconkonan-akatsuki-xxx: ;) - One idea for Mila, one for Trixie. Perhaps I will try both, perhaps I will try and do one with both of them in one piece! Who knows! It could be something fun while waiting for Part 2 of Softer! :D (I do hope that didn't sound mean! ^^;, just excited about it, that's all! :excited:)

Mind you, I did have a similar thought for something with Chex and :iconthe-linkinator:'s Izumi and Aidan, somewhat based on a scene I pictured up in my head. Hmm, might do that to! ;)


That's more or less it for the time being! Any thoughts? :nod:
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